I Do Restaurant Marketing helps increase your restaurants online presence by combing digital marketing strategies with our very own cutting edge technologies. We can help you target your customers in a relevant, timely, personal, and cost effective way.

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Email Marketing


Email marketing for your Restaurant

Email marketing is still one of the best methods to connect with your audience, promote your brand, and increase sales.  If you think email marketing is a thing of the past your wrong. With so much going on with social media restaurants tend to forget that email marketing is still alive and fruitful.  On average people prefer email/text over social media when comes to communication. There are many ways for you to obtain email list. You can offer a signup on your website, social media, or in store.  Once you have your patrons email you can benefit by offering the following:

  • Special Offers – This one is simple enough.  Email your customer a special offering
  • Reviews – You can email a customer and ask them how their experience and write a review on Google or Social Media.
  • Promote – Get more followers on social media by letting them know you are social
  • Communication – Direct contact to your customer in a more formal platform like email vs social media or text message can help settle disputes or bad reviews.
  • Survey – You can have offer a survey about your staff, food, or overall service. This can be valuable insight to better run your restaurant


I Do Restaurant Marketing includes email marketing with our package.  We help gather and create content and images that can used to email your customer base.  We also help you with getting customer emails through our online ordering platform.

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