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Facebook Marketing


Facebook for your Restaurant

The goal is to build a community by encouraging page visits and comments.  Your Facebook business page should function as a one-stop source for your customers and fans. Because of Facebook’s established presence on the internet and the amount that you can do on your page, it’s likely that this will be the first place your customers will

look for you. Make sure your page includes the following information, at the very least:


  • Link to your website/online ordering website
  • Address, phone number, and hours of operation
  • Your menu


Just like on Instagram, the importance of imagery cannot be overstated. Adding a photo at least once a day on Facebook is a smart tactic. You can use the same ones from your Instagram, or you could post original shots optimized for Facebook.

While shots of food still do well on Facebook, this is a better place to post some pictures of your team, operations, and customers enjoying food. Whether you’re a bar showcasing the fun times your nightly patrons have or a family restaurant showing a young child devour an ice cream sundae for dessert, you can definitely find ways to feature customers in an interesting way.


But let’s talk about something more established on your page – your profile picture and cover photo. Both of these should be chosen carefully, as they’re often the first thing visitors notice when coming to your page.


Your profile picture is simple enough – your restaurant logo or an exterior shot is perfect. Cover photos can be rotated out every week or so – try experimenting with your business’ logo, a photo of your entire staff, or your most delicious looking menu item. See what gets the best engagement! Changing on a weekly basis puts this activity on your fans’ timelines, so you’ll keep popping up every time they log in.

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