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Instagram Marketing


Instagram for your Restaurant

The Goal is entice users with pictures of your food and your staff. Show them you’re more than just another restaurant. A picture’s worth a thousand words and that couldn’t be more true for the millions of users of Instagram, which is now the second most popular social networking site behind Facebook.


On Instagram, the picture speaks for itself. What your write for the caption for the photo is important, but users scrolling through their timeline won’t always notice the words if the picture doesn’t stand out. So follow this process to make your images pop and build a great presence on Instagram.

For posting frequency and content, it’s good to mix things up for your audience. First and foremost, people love to see food on their Instagram feeds. For you, this means posting the most tempting and delicious-looking images of your food. Food floods Instagram timelines, so if you post a generic shot of a sandwich or a glass of beer, it will easily be passed over. For ideal engagement, post food shots at least 2-3 times a week. Always use new shots of your food, and make sure a different menu item is featured to keep things fresh.


Your Instagram is more than just a way to push out #FoodPorn. Use it as an opportunity to highlight a new menu item, your weekly special, a limited time promotion, and your team! Try one or more of these ideas:


If you’re offering a happy hour deal for the week – post a photo of one of your best bartenders pouring the perfect pint, and mention the available deal in the caption.

Take a shot of your employee of the month to boost worker morale and put a personality spin on your content. Designate a day to post a shot of your weekly menu special. Write that anyone who comes in and shows they follow you on Instagram will get a discount on that special.

The possibilities are endless, but try to keep these posts to about twice a week.

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