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Implementing a loyalty and rewards program is a great way to show your customer appreciation.  Seems nowadays everywhere you turn their is some sort of customer loyalty program. The key to a successful loyalty program is make it easy to join and understand.  Living in a fast paced environment, you certainly don’t want to make it time consuming and difficult for your customer to sign up because they won’t. Here are some of the best practices when signing up a customer for loyalty or rewards.

Make it simple

1.) Make it simple – You need to gather customer information in order for them to join your loyalty but you don’t want the feeling like they are signing up for your program.  Make simple by just having them give their phone number at the point of sale or online.

2.) Don’t just simply ask them if they want to sign up – Asking your customer if you want to sign up for a loyalty program will give them the impression that the process is long and they just don’t have the time.  Instead try by asking them if hey have any rewards they would like to redeem.

Offer immediate redemption

3.) Offer immediate redemption – Offering your customer a 10%-20% discount at the point of sale just for signing up is a great way to get them engaged.

4.) Keep the reward simple – Offer a simple point system for every $1 spent 1 point earned.  Earn 100 points and get $10.

Keep it Simple

Did you know that it can cost a restaurant 5-25x more to obtain a new customer then selling to existing? Not only does it cost more to obtain a new customer but existing customers on average spend 67% more. So another words, offering a loyalty program is worth the time. I Do Restaurant Marketing offers a inexpensive loyalty program that is included with either of our packages. To learn more about our restaurant marketing packages please feel free contact us!