I Do Restaurant Marketing helps increase your restaurants online presence by combing digital marketing strategies with our very own cutting edge technologies. We can help you target your customers in a relevant, timely, personal, and cost effective way.

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The Secret Sauce for your Restaurant!

Our Services

Local Listings

40% of all Google searches & 50% of mobile searches are local or location-based.

Google Menus & Reservation

Google My Business is more than a local listing. We can help you add there new features for your restaurant.

Google Adwords

From display ads, remarketing, or text campaigns, Adwords is the most sophisticated platform to target your audiences by geographic locations.

Google Optimization

SEO is the best way to get traffic to your site. Customers look for restaurants information on Google when they want to go for a meal.

Loyalty Program

Boost your restaurant with a Loyalty Program and increase your income by 30% or more.

Point of Sale

Our POS solutions help to process payments at the point of sale and online, with our online ordering integration.

Cash Advance

We can help you with the capital cash to invest in marketing, buy equipment, cover dips in cash flow or any other cash needs for your Restaurant.

Credit Card Procesing

No matter what size or type of Restaurant you have, we can offer the cheapest credit card processing service that doesn’t compromise customer service.

Online Order

Intuitive ordering system that facilitate the food delivery process with a fast and easy performance on mobile devices.

Menu Boards

Our POS solutions help to process payments at the point of sale and online, with our online ordering integration.

Social Media Marketing

The secret to social media marketing as happens with food is to know your audience. Let us help you succeed on the Social Media World for Restaurants.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective and easy way to mantain and grow your customer base.

Content Marketing

Create original and interesting content that suits your restaurant audience needs is one of the most valuable digital assets for your restaurant reputation.

Web Design

We don't design websites we build satisfactory user experiences while managing your brand.

Reputation & Reviews

Remember more than 50% of your potential customers read reviews before making a reservation.

Mobile APP Marketing

A restaurant app is great way to engage with your customer and offer them specials, and rewards.

Video Marketing

Our Video Marketing Service, is the best channel to build customer rapport, promote your brand, services or products.