I Do Restaurant Marketing helps increase your restaurants online presence by combing digital marketing strategies with our very own cutting edge technologies. We can help you target your customers in a relevant, timely, personal, and cost effective way.

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Social Media

Anyone will admit that social media has changed the world over the past decade. It has gone on to affect human interactions and has even impacted the way companies in every industry conduct business and connect with their customers. This is why managing your online restaurant brand is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.Let’s first look at the different social media platforms that are important for your restaurant and should get setup immediately.


The goal is to build a community by encouraging page visits and comments. Your Facebook business page should function as a one-stop source for your customers and fans..


The Goal is entice users with pictures of your food and your staff. Show them you’re more than just another restaurant. A picture’s worth a thousand words.


The goal with twitter is to stay relevant in the eyes of your customers, announce immediate news, and respond to your customers. Twitter is an ocean of information blurbs.


The Goal is to increase your website clicks and number of guests from Google Search results. We’ve saved the best for last.