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Twitter Marketing


Twitter for your Restaurant

The goal with twitter is to stay relevant in the eyes of your customers, announce immediate news, and respond to your customers. Twitter is an ocean of information blurbs. Without the proper management and promotion, your account will just be another fish in the sea. But there’s plenty you can do to stand out.


Twitter users can search for your restaurant. If you want them to know it’s your account and not a fake one (Twitter account verification isn’t easy to obtain), make your account as official as possible. Use your restaurant’s logo as your profile picture. Share

a photo of your restaurant interior or exterior as your header image. Also, be sure to add your own website and location, because there may be another restaurant with the same or a similar name. If you have multiple locations, specify that in your bio (“Serving mouthwatering burgers and brews across the Midwest!”)


Every message you send should have a photo! In a user’s infinite timeline, posting images is one of the most wise ways to catch their attention as they’re scrolling through.

Like Instagram, Twitter posts benefit from using the right hashtags. If you’re an independent restaurant owner running one location, how can you find the right hashtags that are applicable to your area?


Head over to a desktop and log into Twitter. On your Twitter homepage, notice the “trends” bar on the left of the screen. You’ll see a “change” button. Once you click that, you’ll have the option to cater the hashtags and trending topics on Twitter to your location. After that, you’ll see a list of the trending topics in your region, and tweeting about these topics is a great way to connect with your local audience.


For example, maybe #MondayMotivation is trending in your city. If you’re a café, you could post a tweet saying “There’s no better #MondayMotivation than one of our famous mochas! Come visit us in Chicago on Michigan Avenue!” Make the hashtags work for you! If you’re creative enough, a new customer just might notice you.

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